As any makeup maven knows, the search for staple makeup bag products is an endless one. We’re constantly on the look out for new and exciting things to try, so this week we thought we’d test out some newbies and share with you our first impressions.


*Rimmel #InstaFlawless Perfecting, Radiant Skin Tint | Light Medium

This month, Rimmel launched some exciting products including their Radiant Skin Tint. Straight off the bat, this reminds us of the Miracle Skin Perfecter BB Cream Original. Who remembers that gem? It’s probably one of the most talked about BB creams. Light, dewy and radiant, the #InstaFlawless is definitely up there with the cult favourite. Naturally, as a skin tint, it’s not going to offer too much coverage, but the lit within glow that it gives is enough to distract from any pesky spots.

Rimmel #InstaFlawless Perfecting, Radiant Skin Tint

Spring Heart Oval Eyebrow Pencil | Dark Brown

First off, can we just mention how much we appreciate brow products with spoolies on one end?! It makes life so much easier AND it frees up space in our makeup bag for lipstick number 5! Now, in the last few months, we’ve been on a roll with eyebrow pencils. We’ve tested out quite a few including our current fave, Shiseido’s Eye Bow Pencil in Black. Fortunately for us, most of them have been winners, and Spring Heart has kept our streak going with their Oval Eyebrow Pencil. Our first impressions on winding the product up is that the nib is not as petite as the Anastasia Brow Wiz. The flat and wider nib is actually more like Hourglass’ Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, but feathering in precise strokes is just as easy with the broader tip. The trick is to slant the pencil, holding it at an angle while working the product into your brows. The longevity of this product is uh-mazing. Like many of the Asian eyebrow pencils we’ve used in the past, Spring Heart’s does not slip around or fade during the day.

It Cosmetics No Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

It Cosmetics No Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Now to the worst performing product of the day. Given it’s name, we were expecting nothing short of a creamy, glide-on liner, disappointingly, it was everything but. The formulation was quite dry, so contrary to its name, there was alot of tugging involved with the application! We attempted to warm it up on the back of our hand with no result. Of all the things we tried out, this was the one we had our bets on. It Cosmetics hasn’t failed us yet, but we guess there’s a first for everything.  The only redeeming feature is its staying power which we can probably thank the dry formula for!

*Enbacci Pore Minimiser

We’re on the fence with this one. We don’t feel like it does what the name claims, minimise the appearance of pores. Our pores aren’t big to start with, but this did not make any visible difference to even our teeniest pores. However, this product wasn’t a complete flop. As a primer, it works nicely. It left us with a smooth base that wasn’t too tacky, and it soaked into our skin quickly, making it ideal to wear under your makeup. So our overall first impressions? If Enbacci re-launched the product as a primer instead of a pore minimiser, it is definitely something we could see ourselves reaching for regularly.

Rimmel Kate Conditioning Lip Balm

*Kate Conditioning Lip Balm

Another drop from Rimmel this month is the Kate Conditioning Lip Balm. This one was probably the winner of the day. When it comes to lip balms, we’ve tried them all. In fact, we consider ourselves quite the lip balm aficionados. The Maybelline Baby Lips, Blistex Intensive Repair and Lucas Papaw Ointment are some of our all time favourites. Going up against some tough competitors, this newbie has definitely earnt its spot on our go-to lip balm list. It’s incredibly hydrating and does not leave the lips feeling sticky. We’re not sure about its claims of 8 hour hydration, but we didn’t find ourselves having to re-apply it too often throughout the day. Note, it smells faintly of dried apricots and funnily enough resembles one too, but we don’t mind it at all!


Have you tried out any new products recently?

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