Instagram is hands down one of the best inventions of the digital age. The photo-sharing application lets you snap and share memories with the world instantly, and is definitely our social media platform of choice.

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Nothing makes a home a home like a fresh vase of flowers.

These Oriental Lilies* are from Fresh Flowers, an online florist based in Sydney. The lilies are delivered farm fresh, so all the buds were closed when we received them. Some people like a bouquet with flowers that are all open, but we always look for closed buds. Not only does it mean they are fresh, but this way, you can have the satisfaction of watching each flower open! There is nothing like waking up to a vase of florals in full bloom. 

Being our first time using an online florist service, we were anxious about how the flowers would fair en route to our front door. We were relieved and surprised that the bouquet arrived the next day in perfect condition along with a vase and plant food!  

♥ M + K