We live for easy to use, no fuss products which is why we are team cream all the way. Glowy finish aside, it’s the convenience that has us sold. So when ever a brand drops a new cream product, it sends our must-try radar into over drive.

We are fans of all cream products, but if we had to play favourites, a good cream shadow really floats our boat. In fact, we prefer them over conventional powder shadows. Not only do they make great bases, but they’re perfect on their own too. When we need to be out the door in 5, sweeping a cream shadow across our lids with a bit of liner smudged into our lash line is our default look. Actually, if we’re being honest, it’s probably what we wear on most days! So you’d think someone at Rimmel HQ raided our makeup bag when they thought up the *Magnif’eyes Double Ended Shadow + Liner.

Rimmel Magnif' Eyes

The dual ended stick, with a cream shadow on one end and a kohl liner on the other, fits our quick and easy brief to a tee. Now when we we’ve slept through our second alarm, we can just reach for this one little compact product which satisfies our default shadow + liner look.  The twist up design also means no sharpening is needed! Woohoo! Cause ain’t no body got time for that.

Rimmel Magnif' Eyes

Now with the time-saving design aside, how does it wear? Quality, affordable cream shadows are really lacking in the drugstore. Besides our well loved Maybelline Colour Tattoos, the drugstore’s creamy offerings are bleak.  The Magnif’eyes Double Ended Shadow + Liner definitely fills this gap. The staying power and colour pay off get a big A+ from us. They maintain their intensity all day, and really don’t budge once you’ve got them on. The shadows do dry down pretty fast though which we guess lends to its longevity, so you’ll have to work quickly with this one. The eye shadow has an  obvious shimmer, so be light handed when using it. For a more subtle, everyday look, the shades Kissed By a Rose Gold and Queen of a Bronzed Age may be better options.

Rimmel Magnif' Eyes

To the other end… the kohl liner. It lays claim to a waterproof formula, and we can definitely attest to that. Panda eyes are not a good look on anyone. We’ve had our fair share so we would know! We particularly love the kohl  from Back to Blacks, because as the name suggests, it truly is black. We hate nothing more than wishy washy black liners. If the packaging even mentions ‘black’ then we expect nothing short of it! No ashy greys, just an intense b-l-a-c-k.

Rimmel Magnif' Eyes

Magnif’eyes Double Ended Shadow + Liner in Back to Blacks

If you’ve made it this far into the post, congratulations and thank you for sticking around!! As you might have gathered from the above rambling, we are big fans of cream products, so leave us some of your favourites in the comments.

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 ♥ M + K


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