By now everyone has heard about the benefits of superfoods in your diet, but in your skincare? Does putting  superfoods onto your body have the same effect as putting them into your body? It appears the jury is still out, but as beauty buffs, there’s no denying that we’ve been very curious about the superfood skincare trend. We’ve tried out a few products and brands containing said superfoods, including Scout Cosmetic’s Essential Superfood range. We first started using the range when it first dropped last year, and they’ve been rotating in and out of our skincare line up ever since.


Balance and Replenish Light Moisturiser*

First off, we’ve got to say that neither of us are fans of the scent. In general, we’ve found that the moisturisers from the superfood range all have unique scents which aren’t particularly our cup of tea.  We put this down to the ingredients themselves. Thankfully the interesting fragrance does not linger for too long, although the initial few minutes do get some getting used to. With that aside, the moisturiser performs its job well. Ingredients like Pumpkin, Fig and Kakadu Plum are said to provide hydration. This baby also contains one of our favourite skincare ingredients, Rosehip Oil! Given the weightless formula, we particularly like this layered under makeup and as a Summer moisturiser.  It’s not tacky or heavy on the skin which is the last thing you want during a 40 degree heatwave.


Vitamin C Brightening Serum*

We’ve used up a bottle of this already which now houses another product we’ve decanted. We’re actually closet fans of the serums from this range, and previously boasted about the Cell Renewal Peptide Serum here.

For us, skincare and makeup is about the entire experience, so we really appreciate when brands have put thought into their packaging. The serum’s pipette dispenser gets a “YES!” from the both of us! The pipette allows you to extract the product with creating a slip hazard which can often be an issue with serums which by nature are thinner in consistency.

Now the ingredients in this product have to be one most intriguing of the Superfood Skin Essentials, namely Turmeric! It is well known that the spice  is high in antioxidants and boasts amazing anti-inflammatory effects which are words we like to hear when it comes to skincare. Thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory properties and rich anti-oxidant levels, it is claimed that Turmeric in skincare will aid with blemishes and pigmentation. After using our first bottle up, we didn’t notice any visible brightening, but we wouldn’t say we have significant uneveness or pigmentation to start with. What we did notice was that our skin felt more hydrated! We don’t normally expect much hydration from products containing Vitamin C, so we were pleasantly surprised. The serum is also another light-weight product that sinks beautifully into the skin, again making it a great pre-makeup choice.

While we can’t attest to the effectiveness of the individual superfood ingredients, we have been enjoying this range and will continue to use products from the line, especially the serums. If you’re curious about superfood skincare, Scout Cosmetic’s Superfood Skin Essentials range is a great place to start.

What are your thoughts on superfood skincare?

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