The reputation of Marc Jacobs’ original Style Eye-Con shadows precedes them. Buttery, pigmented and just plain droolworthy, the palettes quickly gained cult status the minute they hit shelves back in 2013. So naturally when we heard that they’ll be discontinued soon and replaced by NEW generation Eye-Conic palettes, we were both skeptical and intrigued as to how they’d make better a formula that was already, as the name suggests, so Eye-Conic.

We had the pleasure of viewing the brand spanking new Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Shadow Palettes at their Australian launch with Marc Jacobs’ Beauty Global Artistry ambassador, the legendary Hung Van Ngo! A makeup genius and low key funny man, Ngo created 2 stunningly eye-conic looks using the new palettes, showcasing their versatility and quality (and his artistry!). He gave guests a quick run down of each of his masterpieces, and bragged about the world class formulation of the new Eye-Conic shadows which had everyone in the room oohing and ahhing.

There are 6 Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palettes, each with 7 beautfully curated shades. Encased in the classic Marc Jacobs sleek, black packaging, each palette in the range has its own personality. From the romantic neutrals of Glambition to the daring electric blue in Smartorial, there’s something for everyone.  Keeping with his roots in fashion, Marc incorporated 4 different fashion finishes into each palette- matte, satin, metallic and silk. The matte shades can be used to create depth while placing the metallic and glitters on the centre and inner corners will brighten the eyes. Each palette also contains 1 ‘pop’ colour, so you can either create a neutral, every day friendly look or something more fun and bold.



Our first impressions of the Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Shadow Palettes is, boy are they pigmented! We own Edgitorial* and Frivoluxe*, and the colour pay off of every inidvdual shadow in both palettes is incredible. Our swatches definitely don’t do them justice! We’d recommend applying the shadows with a brush, keeping the age old adage “less is more” in mind. Given how pigmented they are, we’d advise against the swirl your whole brush in the palette approach with these shadows. Instead, be light handed, picking up just a bit of product to start off. Ngo also suggested an eyeshadow brush as the best means of applying the new Eye-Conic eyeshadows for the same reason.

Aside from their jaw dropping colour payoff, the eyeshadows also wear well. With products that are extremely pigmented, like the Eye-Conic Multi-Finishes, longevity is particularly important. The last thing you want is to walk into a party with a bold, look at me smokey eye only to walk out 3 hours later with barely a trace of colour on your lids. So we applaud Marc and his team for creating true to palette shades that stand the test of time. The shadows within each palette and across the palettes are also consistent in quality and formulation which deserves another applause.

The newly formulated Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Shadow Palettes are everything Hung Vanngo promised and more, living up to the Marc Beauty name and it’s predecessor, the Style Eye-Con Palette. Just like the original shadows, these new kids on the block are a dream to work with, velvety and blendable, there’s nothing we can fault with them. The Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Shadow Palettes (RRP $89) will be available in Australia from Sephora some time this month, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Will you be picking up one of the Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Shadow Palettes?


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