Being blessed with dry skin, we do anything we can to boost hydration. Skincare wise, there are a few things that we’ve found over the years to be effective at quenching parched skin, with the top 3 being facial oils, sheet masks and serums. But now that the cooler weather is upon us, the latter is a step we’ve been particularly fond of.

Serums are a great addition to anyone’s skincare regime. Now, some say serums are an essential step that should never be skipped, but we beg to differ. Everyone’s skin is different, so your skincare routine should reflect this. Serums can be your best friend when you have a particular skin concern you want dealt with, such as wrinkles, pigmentation or dehydration. The main difference between a serum and a moisturiser is that serums contain more active ingredients, so they are more potent. This is why they’re good for targeting specific skin concerns as the ingredients are catered to address them. Following the ‘light first’ rule, serums are applied BEFORE moisturising as they absorb into the skin most efficiently.

In our attempts to increase hydration to our skin, we’ve discovered a few serums that we’ve been quite enjoying, but most recently, we used up our bottle of Scout Cosmetics’ Cell Renewal Peptide Serum with Green Tea, Ginseng and Fig*. This product boasts anti-aging properties with peptides and anti-oxidants targeted at increasing collagen production and fighting free-radical damage. We however, have been reaching for this beauty for it’s hydrating affects. Ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Organic Fig Extract (which FYI is high in Omega 3 fatty acids!) provide sustained moisture to nourish the skin. We like to press a few drops of the serum into our skin in the am and pm before moisturising. We find that applying the serum as part of our morning routine gives our skin that added hydration boost to carry us through the day. This means that by home time, we don’t find our skin screaming desperately for a drink with bits of makeup clinging to unflattering dry patches.

The thing we also love about this serum, and in fact Scout Cosmetics’ entire skincare range, is that you can either use a product as part of a system, or select one or more to incorporate into your existing regime. So we’ll pair the serum with a moisturiser or other products depending on our skin concerns at that particular time.

As you can tell from our schpill, we are low key fans of serums, particularly to add extra hydration to our skin. We have been reaching for a handful of serums alongside the Scout Cosmetics’ Cell Renewal Peptide Serum with Green Tea, Ginseng and Fig, so let us know if you want a Top 3 post or round up of our favourites.


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