Safilo Elasta


We’ve always envied those who can pull off the geek chic look effortlessly. Unlike the stylish nerd babes we look up to, we’ve struggled to find the perfect thick framed glasses that don’t leave us looking like a school librarian until recently.

Safilo Elasta

We had the opportunity to trial Optically’s service firsthand a few weeks ago which we took as a chance to hunt down a flattering pair of thick framed glasses. The online Australian glasses retailer boasts over 3000 styles including brands such as Hugo Boss and Gucci. They offer men’s and women’s glassesdesigner glasses and prescription sunglasses at affordable prices, starting from $9 which makes it ideal for students and those on the market for quality specs that won’t break the bank. On top of the affordable price tags, lenses are also complimentary when purchasing prescription glasses which is another bonus for your savings account!

Scrolling through the glasses online, we were overwhelmed by the impressive selection, but after much deliberation, we settled on the *Safilo Elasta. It was a unanimous decision. The minute we saw them, we had an inkling of hope that our laborious mission to find the perfect thick framed glasses may now be truly complete, and we were right!

Safilo Elasta

Safilo Elasta

We both have rather petite faces, and while the frames on these are relatively thick, they aren’t overwhelming which has always played a big part in our struggle to find The One. We have a slightly unhealthy obsession with tortoise shell, so of course choosing the colour was a no-brainer. The tortoise shell is a refreshing change from the stock standard black frames that most people opt for.

The quality of the glasses themselves also blew us away. Our dad’s a hard man to impress, and even he commented on the quality and sturdiness of the frames. So these definitely get the dad tick of approval!

Now that we’ve found our geek chic glasses, we have one wise word of advice. It’s a pretty obvious one, but in the famous words of P!nk, “Try”. You never know what they look like if you don’t pluck up the courage to try them on. Sometimes a pair will look amazing on the shelf or on someone else, but terrible on you. Then there are other times where it works out the other way round. While we were convinced these Safilo Elasta’s were the ones, because of our petite faces,  we had some doubt that the frames would look more comical than chic on us. So services like Optically that offer free home trials is something we recommend you look for if you’re indecisive or still working out what you want.

Safilo Elasta

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. Products marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly sent to us for consideration. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post are honest and entirely our own. Read our full blog discaimer here.

2 thoughts on “SPECS.

  1. Those glasses were the perfect choice for you! They look so good!
    I hate updating my prescription because it means going through the trauma of finding a new frame that makes you look fashionable, but not ridiculous!

    Kez |


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