Instagram is hands down one of the best inventions of the digital age. The photo-sharing application lets you snap and share memories with the world instantly, and is definitely our social media platform of choice.

We enjoy the convenience of having our favourite photos at our fingertips, and the luxury of scrolling through our feed and re-living our favourite moments at our leisure. However, we’re probably not alone when we say that we miss the days of taking our Kodak films to print and looking over physical photos with family and friends. Thankfully, some bright minds have combined the new world of social media with the old school photo prints. There are now several printing services that allow you to choose and print your favourite pictures from your various social media accounts. Recently, we were lucky enough to trial *Printiki’s services. What stood out about Printki is that while their office is based in the Netherlands, all the printing is done locally here in Australia. There are a range of photo products available on from photo books to Polaroid prints. We were impressed by the customer service and prompt delivery, with the latter making this a great option for last minute gifts! We also love the fact that you can personalise your photos with stamps and text. The website is extremely easy to use for those who are technologically challenged, and users are also given the option of uploading photos from their device if they aren’t happy with any from their social media feeds.

Our tip when using Printiki is to choose photos that are vibrant and avoid any where a filter has been applied. We found that with photos that are more dull, the colours lost their intensity and appeared slightly washed out when printed. As you can see from the photos below, the prints of the blue skies and bold wall art came out really well.

Printiki Printiki Printiki

Have you used Printiki before?

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 ♥ M + K

Disclaimer: Printiki kindly invite us to trial their printing service, however as always, the opinions expressed in this post are ours and 100% honest. Read our full blog disclaimer here.


2 thoughts on “SNAP HAPPY!

    1. Hey Rach! You got in quick! haha We went for a glossy finish. Our photos are printed on the same type of paper as regular photos, but we’re not sure whether this varies depending on the product/ finish you choose. Just keep in mind what we mentioned about selecting images that are vibrant and where the colours are bolder. They turn out a lot clearer. We can’t wait to see yours!

      M + K

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