Happy Easter lovelies!

We took advantage of Sydney’s blue skies this long weekend and hit  town for some noms. Nursing our food babies post degustation, we stumbled across this magical back street in Martin Place that we had forgotten all about. With various bird cages hanging from the the sky, it made the perfect backdrop for a quick OOTD.

We’ve always been about colour and fun prints, but lately we’ve found ourselves rocking monochrome, and black & white more frequently. There’s something very polished and chic about about an outfit that couples black and white together. A black and white ensemble also takes the headache out of having to match and coordinate different prints and colours which is perfect when your’e feeling lazy or are pressed for time.


Top: Paper Scissors | Skirt: Keepsake the Label | Sunglasses: *Fendi | Bag: Colette by Colette Hayman | Shoes: Sandler


Thanks to Sydney’s blue skies, we also had an excuse to whip out our new babies from *Fendi! Not only do they fit the monochrome brief to the tee, but they make us feel like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s every time we put them on. Unlike mirrored sunglasses, the style and shape of this pair from Fendi is timeless and in our opinion, universally flattering. The temple/ arms aren’t too bulky or wide which gives it a feminine feel and makes it perfect for those with smaller faces that like slightly larger frames.


What did you get up to this Easter weekend?

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 ♥ M + K

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