Everyone knows Lush Cosmetics for their delicious bath bombs and fresh masks, but lately we’ve been loving something they’re not so well known for, their makeup. Our Lush makeup collection is small. Alright, that’s an understatement, we only own a Colour Supplement and one Cream Eye Shadow, but boy, both are ah-mazing! So when we picked up their Eyes Right Mascara*, we were bubbling with excitement. Our expectations were high, and set even higher when several of the Lush workers we spoke to raved about the wonders of the product. One staff member even said it’s the only mascara she has worn in 2 years! Made with fresh Wheatgrass and Carnauba Wax, this mascara is supposed to be gentle, conditioning and strengthening the lashes at the same time.


First off we love the packaging. We almost squealed when we saw the adorable little bottle. Of course given the size of the product, you would expect the brush to be short which it is indeed! According to staff, this is to prevent product wastage. While we love this concept, the short wand was the downfall of the mascara. The distance or lack thereof between the brush and the handle leaves almost no room for you to wriggle the mascara through your lashes. The length makes application very awkward. In fact, it was difficult not to get product on our fingers. We have a few disposable wands, so we gave the Eyes Right another shot using a longer wand. This time round, application was a lot easier and cleaner which allowed us to properly test out the product.

This mascara is a great one for lengthening, we especially like it on our bottom lashes. However, if your’e after volume, this mascara is not the one. We personally like more volume and thickness, so we probably would layer this with another mascara in the future. Owners of stubby, stubborn lashes should also be warned that this product definitely does not hold a curl , another reason we’d probably try layering it with another mascara next time. What will get our tick of approval is the pigmentation and longevity of the mascara. We live for mascaras that are intensely black, and of course stay in place all day without running down our faces.



Overall, if we’re honest, we’d have to give the Eyes Right a miss. There are plenty of mascaras out there that perform better in terms of lengthening, volumising and holding a curl. We guess it’s down to your preferences when it comes to mascara too, but personally, this product does not deliver what we look for in mascaras.

Have you tried any of Lush’s makeup range?


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