Face Fit


After a long week (or day), we all yearn for a little ‘me’ time, and most girls probably agree that a facial can do wonders to relax the mind and bring a little zen back into our live. But who are we kidding? There aren’t enough hours in a day to tick off our growing to do list, let alone sit through a 1 hour facial. But ladies (and gents), thanks to Dermalogica, treating yo self may have just gotten a lot easier. A “curated range of express facial treatments”, Dermalogica’s Face Fit treatments are a Girl Boss’s new best friend. The 10 minute treatments are perfect to squeeze in between busy schedules and lunch breaks, or as a quick pick me up before an event. There are 6 different treatments to choose from: Dewy Skin, Perfectly Primed, Power Peel, Rapid Hydration, Brilliant Eyes and Rapid Radiance.

Face Fit

Recently I (Katherine) was lucky enough to  be invited to experience a Face Fit treatment. At the moment, my skin is feeling a little de-hydrated, so I went for the Rapid Hydration Booster. Each treatment starts with a Face Mapping Skin Analysis to identify individual concerns and develop a customised treatment. My skin analysis confirmed my primary skin concerns, most notably the pigmentation on my cheeks, congestion around my nose and dehydrated forehead. Following the skin analysis, my professional Skin Therapist for the day, Luci picked out a selection of products and jumped straight into the facial! Throughout the treatment, she talked through the products she was using and how each would target specific skin concerns. The product I was most excited by was the Daily Microfoliant. Having dry and sensitive skin, I’ve always steered clear of over exfoliating, keeping it to 2 times a week. Most would probably agree that ‘daily’ and ‘exfoliation’ aren’t words you’d usually see clumped together, but Luci recommended that I use the exfoliant twice daily. I was sent away with a small sample that I’ve been religiously mixing in with my cleanser every am and pm, and gosh! It does not dry out my skin at all, and while I haven’t physically seen changes yet, my skin does feel less congested! I’m definitely keen on picking up a full sized product and giving it a proper go.

My Face Mapping Skin Analysis

Overall, I definitely recommend booking in a Face Fit treatment A-S-A-P. I loved that unlike other facials, the Face Fit treatments are catered to the individual and their skin. The one glove fits all approach rarely works for anything in life, including skincare, so having a facial that is personalised in this way was quite refreshing! The other amazing thing about the Face Fit treatments is they only cost $15 a pop! Yep! So these on-the-go facials are not only great for busy bees, but also students looking for a pamper or quick pick me up without needing to sell off their textbooks!

When was the last time you treated yo self?!


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Disclaimer: We were invited by the team at Dermalogica to experience a Face Fit treatment, but as always, the opinions expressed in this post are 100% honest. Read our full blog disclaimer here.

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