We don’t spend our morning perfecting our makeup, only for it to disappear by midday. To some it may be an unnecessary step that inappropriately adds time to your morning routine, but for us it’s one we always include to eek a few extra hours out of our makeup.

If you’ve been an A Pair Of Ones subscriber or Instagram follower for sometime, you should know that the Arbonne Makeup Primer* has been our holy grail face prep for the last 2 years. While it remains a firm favourite, we wanted to find a good eye-specific primer, and we managed to find it in Mirenesse’s Perfect Eye Primer*.


The cardinal purpose of a primer is to extend the longevity of your make-up and the Perfect Eye Primer does just that. Without a primer, we notice that our under-eye concealer and eye shadow tends to fade without a trace, however prepping our lids with this gem has added hours to our makeup-wear. Packaged in a luxurious gold tube, the tinted formula is colour correcting and does a decent job at evening out the skin, lightening dark circles and brightening the eye area, meaning we’ve been able to go lighter with our concealer.


According to Mirenesse‘s website, the primer also promises to minimise creasing and reduce fine-lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, we can attest to those claims. As we’re transitioning from Summer to Autumn, we’ve noticed a dry turn in our skin, particularly around the eyes. The blend of Organic Coconut Oil is rather hydrating around the eye area, and we’ve noticed that has helped to minimise the dreaded creasing and appearance of fine wrinkles which tends to occur when stick products are paired with dry skin. The primer also contains zinc oxide and SPF 15!



Are you on team primer? If you are, what primer is in your makeup bag?


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