Makeup Eraser


A cloth that “removes 100% of your makeup with water only?”  This sounds far too good to be true right? WRONG.

We were a little dubious when we first heard about The Makeup Eraser*. The official website promises product-less makeup removal, claiming that when wet, the microfiber cloth “breaks the surface tension of the oils that bind makeup to the skin”. We dread the makeup removal process just as much as we enjoy applying it, so gutsy claims of quick, hassle-free removal were ones we felt compelled to test out.

Makeup Eraser

Initially skeptical but also hopeful that The Makeup Eraser wasn’t just an overpriced cloth, we put it through the works and were pleasantly surprised with the results. With some warm water, the cloth virtually ‘erased’ our most long-wearing foundations and waterproof eye makeup.  We do occasionally need to go in with a makeup remover to rid the little traces of waterproof mascara., but with far less product than what we used to. The Makeup Eraser has definitely made our night routine as easy as 1, 2, 3. Wet, Erase, Exfoliate and we’re fresh-faced faster than we can say “Makeup be gone!”.

We’re big waterproof mascara junkies, so we won’t be completely putting our makeup removers and cleansers on the back-burner just yet. But in saying that, this not-so- ordinary cloth is definitely one we’re going to be wearing thin.

Makeup Eraser

What is your makeup removal method of choice?

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  1. I have been admiring these for a while now, I should really just bite the bullet and get one, they look fab!

    Kez |


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