Multi-purpose creams are like the Swiss knives of skincare. We are fans for many reasons, but mainly it’s our belief in the age old adage “less is more”. Despite what new technology and innovation in beauty has done for our skin,  we’re not the first to admit we often get carried away with the number of products we slather on our faces. While sometimes that extra cream or serum is justified thanks to that annoying zit, dull or parched skin, most often, a simple routine with just a handful of products is enough. So it’s no wonder why we adore multi-purpose creams. Do the math. If you can find 1 product that serves 3 or more purposes, it can drastically cut down your beauty stash and also save you from burning a hole in your pocket. Enough with the diddle daddle, here are our top 3 picks of the creams that do it all.


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream | Beauty nuts the world over can attest to the wonders of this cult favourite. The Eight Hour Cream is the epitome of multi-purpose products. Whether we’re battling chapped lips, dry cuticles or unruly brows, this stuff has helped us through thick and thin. The petroleum like consistency is similar to that of Vaseline, another holy-grail all rounder, which allows the balm to provide more intense and long lasting hydration. Ingredients like Vitamin E, an antioxidant help to protect and repair the skin. The Eight Hour Cream has a subtle rose scent which shouldn’t be bothersome to most, but if you are sensitive to fragrances, then there is also an unscented option. If you haven’t tried out this balm before, your’e seriously missing out! This product is definitely one worth all the hype and buzz.

Lush Smuggler’s Soul* | From their 2016 Father’s Day range, we feel a little guilty for including it, but this tub is our current obsession.  As far as we know, it isn’t available in Lush’s permanent line (boo hoo), but we have our finger’s crossed that it will be back this Father’s Day, so we can snatch up a few. One half of us has been dealing with  the aftermath of a skin rash, and this cream has been an absolute saviour. While the consistency of the cream is quite thick, it isn’t heavy or sticky which is a relief in Sydney’s current heatwave. We actually like that this cream is slightly thicker as we find that it provides longer lasting hydration. While Smuggler’s Soul was from the Father’s Day collection, it is definitely a unisex product! The blend of sandalwood and zesty lemon and lemongrass is refreshing and a nice change from the floral and sweet scents we’re used to. Interestingly, according to Lush’s website, this all rounder can also be used to style your hair, something we haven’t got around to trying!

Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm

Antipode’s Saviour Skin Balm* | Compared to Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour cream, this is more of a recent discovery. You can read our full review of the Saviour Skin Balm here, but in short, we wish we had discovered this beauty sooner. With ingredients like  Australian Tea Tree, Vinanza Grape and Totara, it is claimed to be a highly anti-bacterial product that works to repair and hydrate the skin. Like the rest of the multi-purpose creams on this list, a little goes along way with this balm.

That’s a wrap on our top multi-purpose creams. We hope this post will help you to lighten your handbags, halve your beauty stash and save you pennies.

Do you have a favourite multi-purpose product?


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