Antipodes Lipstick


With their Grapeseed Butter Cleanser on high rotation, we’ve been fans of Antipode’s organic skincare range and “green beauty” ethos for some time. But it was only recently that we dabbled in their makeup range with the object of our muse being Antipode’s Natural Lipsticks*.

Antipodes Natural Lipstick

Antipodes Lipstick

Consisting of 6 shades, the collection has something for everyone. From obnoxious reds to more subtle pinks, your’e bound to find one that will suit all your lipstick needs. Described as a lipstick that “leaves your lips matte with a hint of shine”, we were quite confused and unsure what to expect. ‘Matte’ and ‘shine’ aren’t words you usually find clumped together in the same sentence, but once we popped some of the Natural Lipsticks on our lips, it made sense. The finish of the lipsticks are indeed matte, but there is a subtle sheen which we like because it avoids the flatness and reduces the the appearance of bleeding that can often be experienced with purely matte formulas. We own 2 shades, Hit Me With Your Best Shot and Remarkably Red. Both are extremely pigmented, with only a sweep required for a vibrant punch of colour. Infused with avocado oil, the lipsticks are relatively hydrating and comfortable on the lips. We’ve only had it happen a few times, but this lipstick can occasionally transfer, particularly if your’e eating. We recommend using a lip liner underneath to help to reduce the likelihood of this happening. Blotting paper or a light dust of powder are also handy to help reduce any transfer.

Antipodes Natural Lipstick

L-R: Remarkably Red, Hit Me With Your Best Shot

What lipsticks are you loving this week?

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