Nothing makes us feel more pampered than reclining on the sofa with a sheet mask and a hot cuppa.The ultimate treat yo self product, sheet masks are a guilty obsession of ours. A few posts back, we were screaming “less is more” when it comes to skincare which is a philosophy we strongly believe in. But every now and then, our skin will go through a rough patch and specific skin concerns such as dehydration and dullness will ruin that glowy skin bliss. That’s when special reinforcement is necessary. A staple in Japanese and Korean beauty regimes, sheet masks are great for those bleh skin moments.

We’ve tried our fair share of facial masks, but recently we tested out some of Trefiel’s Lace Anti-Aging Hydromasks*. Popular on Instagram for their distinct lace designs, we were pretty excited to finally test them out for ourselves. Retailing at $9.95 a pop (or $69.95 for 10), the plant-based masks come in 4 different formulas, each targeting a different skin concern- moisturising, firming, brightening and repairing. This review will focus specifically on the first of these, moisturising.

Having spent more time outdoors in the past few weeks, our skin has been become a little dehydrated. Thanks UV rays! Containing skin friendly ingredients like aloe, vitamin E and rose extract, the Moisturising Hydromask claims to:

  • Give skin a youthful glow
  • Hydrate dry and dull skin
  • Fill fine lines and wrinkles.

Like all the Trefiel masks, the moisturising mask comes in 2 halves which surprisingly fit our faces perfectly. While the instructions say to leave the mask on for 15-30 minutes, we like to keep sheet masks on until our skin drinks up all the serum and the sheet is dry. It took about an hour for our skin to soak up all the product from the sheet. On applying the mask, our first impression was that the serum that the sheet is soaked in is not overly tacky. This is something we’ve experienced with other facial masks in the past which is particularly unpleasant when the sheet is supposed to stay on your face for 15+ minutes. The silicon-like sheet is also quite sturdy, so unlike some masks that tear easily in the process of removing them from the package and application, this one remained in one piece. The Moistursing Hydromask definitely delivers a visible hydration boost. We particularly saw a difference on and around our nose where our skin has been a little parched of late. We found that our skin was a lot smoother the following day, so there was no foundation clinging to unsightly dry patches.

Overall, we were pleased with the results from the mask and definitely recommend it to fellow sheet mask devotees or novices out there. We look forward to trying the other formulas soon.

Are you an avid sheet mask user?

♥ M + K


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