Revlon Eyes, Cheeks + Lips Palette


Mixed makeup palettes don’t usually excite us. In fact, they scare us. The thought of having powders and sticky lipsticks in the same palette makes us cringe. As far as we’re concerned, they’re messy and simply a disaster waiting to happen. Despite this, many brands continue to bring out their own take on the all in one palettes. A new affordable addition is Revlon’s Eyes, Cheeks + Lips Palette*. Available in 3 different shades, each palette comes with 6 eye shadows, 1 blush, 2 lip glosses and 2 lipsticks. We’ve been testing out the palette in Seductive Smokies.

Revlon Eyes, Cheeks + Lips Palette


Revlon Eyes, Cheeks + Lips Palette


EYES | The formulation of the eye shadows are not consistent. The 2 lightest shades are frosty when applied onto the lids and the colour payoff is quite disappointing. You’ll get more out of these shades by patting them on with your finger versus application with a brush. The formulation of the 4 darker shades are definitely more superior. Unlike the lighter shadows in the palette, they are incredibly pigmented and easy to blend. A light hand is recommended when using these. The selection of shadows in this palette are perfect for creating a sultry smokey eye. A nit we have to pick is the fact that Revlon has not included any matte shades in the palette. Thankfully there is little kickback and fall out with all the eye shadows which means we won’t have to worry to much about powder transferring onto the lipsticks and glosses.


CHEEKS | The only blush in the palette, the rose blush gives a subtle pop of colour to the cheeks. On the sheerer side, this product is more suited for those with lighter complexions. This blush would show up well on those with deeper skin tones.

LIPS | The lipsticks were surprisingly our favourite part of the palette. Each palette comes with 2 lip glosses and 2 lipsticks, and while the darker of the glosses isn’t too bad, we’d have to give the lighter shimmery shade a miss. We usually aren’t fans of the lipsticks that come in mixed palettes like these because they’re often a little too sticky and tacky for our liking, and lack the pigmentation of normal bullet lippies. Given our past experiences, we did not expect to enjoy the lipsticks in this new palette as much as we do. The colour pay-off is similar to what you would get from a lipstick applied straight out of a bullet, and once applied, neither of the shades feel tacky on the lips. We especially adore the rosy coral shade.

Revlon Eyes, Cheeks + Lips Palette

Overall, this palette isn’t too bad. The lack of fall out from the shadows and blush rule out the mess factor we usually despise with all in one palettes. While not all the individual products in the palette are hits, it’s not a bad one for those looking for a convenient palette to travel with or to throw into your makeup bag.

Revlon Eyes, Cheeks + Lips Palette

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