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Tis the season to treat yo self. In between shopping for gifts and doing good deeds for others this festive season, we often forget to look after ourselves, but don’t worry, Santa’s little helpers at Shu Uemura have you covered.

While Christmas is all about giving, sometimes we forget one of the most important people- ourselves! Yes, we realise how narcissistic that sounds, but everyone needs a little TLC including me, myself and I! Think about it, if your’e all puffed out, whose going to do the last minute dash for wrapping paper or whip up the all important Christmas lunch? That’s why this festive season, everyone should take some ‘me’ time out, and re-coop. Recently I (Katherine) was lucky enough to experience a Shu makeover at one of Shu Uemura’s counters, the perfect Christmas gift to yourself. At $80, the Shu Styling is worth every cent. I was treated to a mini facial where the amazing Kent cleansed and prepped my skin before any makeup was applied. So really, the Shu Styling is both a facial and makeover in one!

I thought that along with a quick review of my Shu Styling experience, I would also give my first impressions of the products (makeup only) Kent used on me. I don’t ever really get my makeup done professionally, but what I enjoyed about this experience is that it felt like teamwork! Kent consulted me and asked about my skin concerns, and what I knew worked on my skin before working to create the look I had in mind. Surprise, surprise, my brief was natural and glowy which is exactly what I walked away with!

Shu Styling- Shu Uemura

First Impressions

Lightbulb Fluid Foundation #754 | On a day-to-day basis, I try to avoid wearing too much foundation. A BB cream or tinted moisturiser is usually my go-to, but I always use some concealer too. So when Kent told me that he was going to skip concealer, I did hold my breath. I’ve never been able to zap away my dark circles with foundation alone, but like Cinderella’s Fairy God Mother, he magiced away my panda eyes, armed with just the Lightbulb Fluid Foundation and a sponge. The trick is to ditch the brush and embrace the sponge, using dabbing motions to build up coverage where you need it most.

The Lightbulb Aerial Foundation #754 | If your’e after dewy skin, this is your ticket. Perhaps my favourite product of the bunch, the luminous compact kept me glowin’ all day while locking in the foundation around my nose and T zone where my makeup tends to disappear first.

Glow on Shade #375 | As a self confessed blush addict, this was one of the products I was excited about. I find that blushes don’t tend to last long on me, but when I got home, my cheeks were still nicely flushed.

Shu:Palette Blushing Beige | Kent introduced me to the Shu:Palette, a relatively neutral palette with a mixture of glitter and matte shades. He kept the look quite neutral, but used some of the darker shades along my lash line and outer corners to create depth. On both my eyes and when swatched, the shadows are buttery and a dream to blend. I tend to get oilier lids during the warmer months, but the eyeshadow managed to remain in place all day. A quick tip I learnt from Kent is to blend your shadows up, starting from the lashline. This eliminates the need to blend out harsh lines with another brush as the product will basically run out as you move away from the lash line.

Shu Styling- Shu Uemura

Lasting Soft Gel Pencil | Wow! Kent used the gel pencil in my tight line and it did not smudge or run one bit!!! Note the number of exclamation marks I’ve used. I haven’t been able to find many liners besides my trusted Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Pot Liner that will stay put all day, until this bad boy!

Ultimate Natural Mascara | We’ve never used any Shu Uemura mascaras before, so I was quite intrigued to try one out. I liked the length this gave my lashes, and the fact that no clumps or smudging was in site. Unfortunately, it did not hold my curl.

Brow Sword in Seal Brown | I attended the launch of this unique brow pencil a while back and had my brows filled with it then, so I already knew I would like the product. The sword shaped pencil allows you to create feather like strokes that mimic natural brow hairs. I’ve walked away from having my brows done before looking like I’d gone to town with a permanent marker, but Kent nailed the ‘natural’ my-brows-but-better brief.

Tint in Balm in Divine Wine: When I heard ‘balm’, I instantly assumed that it would give my lips a sheer wash of colour, but boy was I wrong. It’s incredibly hydrating like a balm, but the pigmentation is unlike any balm we’ve tried before. A recent release, this product is going onto my long list of ‘to buys’.

Shu Styling- Shu Uemura

Overall, I was more than happy with my finished look. Kent nailed everything I asked for. He managed to make my skin look flawless and glowy, enough to rival the sparkliest bauble on the Christmas tree, and all without a single spot of concealer, which to me was a mahoosive feat! As for the the products used, most get my big ticket of approval, but the ones I’ll be putting on my list of ‘to buys’ are the Lightbulb Fluid Foundation, Lightbulb Aerial Foundation, Lasting Soft Gel Pencil and the Tint in Balm.

So if you are looking to treat yo self this month, or want to steal the show at your Christmas party, I highly recommend checking out the Shu Styling service along with the other services offered by Shu Uemura this season.

What do you do to treat yo self?


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Disclaimer: We were invited by the team at Shu Uemura to expereince a Shu Styling session. As always, the opinions expressed are 100% honest. Read our full blog disclaimer here.


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