Face oils are a saviour for parched skin, and a game changer for those in need of a hydration boost. Falling into the dry skin type squad, we’ve tried our fair share of face oils, but recently, we’ve  been using one quite different from those we’ve used before.

Dermalogica recently released the *Phyto Replensih Oil, a light-weight plant based oil. This product defied our expectations and previous conceptions of faceoils. Like many, we usually shy away from oils during the day and under our makeup in fear of turning into a greasy disco ball by the pm. Typically, we’ll reserve facial oils for our nighttime routine, but since using the Phyto Replensih Oil, this has changed. As assured by the ladies at Dermalogica, using the oil under makeup does not cause it to slip and slide around during the day. Nope, the feather light formula absorbs into the skin within 10-15 minutes of application, leaving it feeling hydrated and dewy. There’s none of that heaviness or greasyiness you’d normally expect from a face oil. We like to either apply a few drops before mosturising, or mix it in with our mosituriser or primer. This really gets us excited because with the warmer weather and the time we’re spending in the sun, our skin has been dehydrated and a little lack lustre. If you haven’t gathered already, we are fans of face oils, so we’re quite chuffed to have found one we can safely incorporate into our morning routine without fear that it will leave our makeup melting off our faces. Now, bare in mind that we have dry skin, so we can’t speak for other skin types. However, like most oils, we’d probably recommend the Phyto Replenish to those with normal-to-dry skin. For those with combination or oily skin who still want to try this product, stick to using it once a day and see how you go. If you have combination/ oily sin and have tried the Phyto Replenish Oil, please share your experience in the comment section below.


A litte bit about this product. The plant-based oil contains ingredients including Camellia Japonica, Tamanu Oil, Orchid Flower Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil, Chia See Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and Rice Bran Oil which all work to protect, repair and hydrate the skin. The Phyto Replensih Oil promises to restore depleted lipids which protect the skin from the environment and gives the skin a youthful, bright appearance.

It seems that we aren’t the only fans of he Phyto Replensih Oil. The last time we checked, the product has sold out on the Dermalogica website, however, in the meantime, you can pick up this beauty from Adore Beauty.

Do you use a face oil as part of your skincare routine?


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