‘Organic’ seems to be the buzz word in the food industry at the moment, but with so many organic options emerging, it takes something special for a brand or product to stand out. Recently we were introduced to a local brand that has cracked the code with their innovative, think-outside-the-box approach.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to learn about Kialla Pure Foods, Australia’s leading processor of organic cereal grains. We were treated to a 3 course meal by Chef Enrico Sgarbossa at Al Taglio, each incorporating Kialla grains. Our favourite was the entree, Savoury Bigne Creamed Barramundi and Polenta Chips made with Kialla Pure Foods’ Organic Polenta and Whole Grain Spelt Flour. Described perfectly by Enrico himself as something akin to a profiterole, the golden bun was a winner. Touted as a ‘pizza master’, the main, Al Taglio Gourmet Margherita was met with an unanimous “mmmm” from all the guests. Made with Killa’s Pure Foods Organic Purple Wheat Wholegrain Plain and Organic Bread and Pizza, the base was light and cooked to perfection. We have to admit, we aren’t that swish in the kitchen, so we were delighted to find out that Enrico divulges the recipe for his Spelt Pizza Base in Kialla Pure Foods’ Plate2Farm recipe book*. Yay! Along with a classic apple crumble, recipes also include more modern dishes like a super food pancake, perfect for weekend brunches. Available as a free e-book, all the recipes have been created by local chefs.


Savoury Bigne with Kialla Pure Foods Organic Polenta and Whole Grain Spelt Flour


Pizza in Teglia with Kialla Pure Foods Organic Stoneground Wholegrain Spelt Flour & Organic Bread and Pizza Flour


Al Taglio Gourmet Margherita (V) with Kialla Pure Foods Organic Purple Wheat Wholegrain Plain and Organic Bread and Pizza


Torta Della Nonna with Kialla Pure Foods Organic Barley Flour, Organic Buckwheat Flour and Organic Stoneground Wholegrain Plan Flour

Plate2Farm recipe book*

As a brand committed to organic and sustainable methods, Kialla Pure Foods is leading the push for home grown brands to be more environmentally conscious. With the growing number of organic options, the brands unique Plate2Farm tracker is what sets it apart. To be frank, the Plate2Farm concept is genius. The consumer-to-farmer tracking system allows you to trace any Kialla product on the shelf back to the farmer with the batch number or QR code on the back of the package. Not only can you trace the product in your hands back to the farmer and source in a matter of seconds, but the tracking system also allows consumers to discover the process behind the making of each product. Now that is what we call innovation!


Learn more about Kialla Pure Foods and their range over on their website, and download the FREE Plate2Farm e-recipe book for delectable ideas.

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