With the weather heating up over the last few days, we’ve been doing all we can to protect our skin with SPF during he day. But away from the beach and the UV rays, our skin also needs some love when the sun goes down to help rejuvenate it. So lately with our skincare routine, we’ve been trying to up the hydration.

For us, we find that when our skin starts to dry, that’s when things go awry. Our makeup doesn’t sit nicely and our skin starts to look tired and dull. While the saying less is more is definitely something we live by in everything we do, including our skincare, sometimes, our we need just a few extra products to get our skin back on track. We recently reviewed the Rin Bi-gyeol Yun Emulsion* which we are fans of and will use one most days along. If your’e familiar with Korean skincare, you’ll know that it consists of multiple steps and several layers of products. So with our skin feeling and look dehydrated of late, we decided to up the hydration in our routine with the Rin Bi-gyeol Yun Cream*.  In comparison to the emulsion, the cream is slightly thicker in consistency, so we apply this after our emulsion. Paired together, this combination provides us the extra hydration our skin needs at the moment. We use both products morning and night, but as neither have SPF, we will use a foundation or makeup base with an SPF on top to ensure that our skin is still getting the protection it needs. 

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