When it comes to eyeliners, we always gravitate towards gel formulations. Plagued with allergies, our eyes are either very dry or watery, so not many eyeliners will stay put in place for a whole day. Gel eyeliners are the only ones that we’ve found will stand the test of hay fever season. We have tried our fair share of gel liners in our time, so we do fancy ourselves experts in the area. Our all time favourite is of course the Maybelline EyeStudio Gel Pot which we’ve re-purchased before.  Not many have been able to match it’s quality and stay power, but we recently discovered one that comes pretty close.

We’ve been trying *Catalina Geo’s Gel Eyeliner and it definitely is up there with our beloved Maybelline gel pot. The gel is extremely pigmented, with only the smallest amount of product required to create a bold line. Smudged in the lash line, this liner can also be used to create the subtle illusion of a thicker lash line which we are all about. Hay fever season has been upon us for the last few weeks and we haven’t had too many hiccups with the gel liner. Although we have had some occasions where it has transferred, this product fairs pretty well against other gel liners we’ve used in the past. Given this, we’re still not sure whether the Geo Gel Eyeliner will knock our long time favourite EyeStudio Gel Pot off of first place. 

Do you have a favourite gel liner?

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