BEIGE CHUU Hard Finish Eyebrow Pencil Review

The BEIGE CHUU Hard Finish Eyebrow* pencil lends itself well to all eyebrows regardless of your arch inspiration. The sheer nib is pleasantly buildable and blendable, making it ideal for the fullest to the sleekest of brows.


Colour matching products to our eyebrows is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Many pencils and gels have bitten the dust, and we had anticipated that the shade Dark Brown would be next. Snaps to BEIGE CHUU though, because it was neither too red or too brown, it was just right!


The pencil is perfect for drawing in fine hairs to fake a naturally fuller brow. There’s only one thing that has us raising our brows. Everyone knows that the key to getting your #browsonfleek is to blend and groom, but it’s a little bit difficult without a brush or spoolie. We’ve had to resort to using the spoolie from our Anastasia Brow Wiz instead!

What eyebrow products have you been using to get your brows on fleek?

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 ♥ M + K

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