Smell it? Spring is around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. With the weather warming up and the sun making a daily appearance, we’ve been more conscience of slathering our faces with SPF before stepping out.

When it comes to protecting our skin from the sun, we like to use moisturises with SPF underneath our makeup. Sounds easy enough, but a moisturiser with SPF that doesn’t compromise our makeup is hard to come by. We find that many moistuirsers with SPF in their formula leave our skin feeling greasy which makes for a poor base for anything you pop on top. But living in a country that experiences one of the highest levels of UV radiation, SPF is not something we can afford to skip. So we’ve always had a keen interest in finding the perfect day cream to wear underneath our makeup that will protect us from harmful UV rays and keep our skin hydrated without causing our makeup to slip around. That’s not much to ask for, right? Recently we’ve started using Kicho’s Moisturising Sun Cream* which we think may tick all these boxes. Loved by the likes of Aimee Song, this sun cream contains a whopping SPF of 50+! With numbers like that, we were expecting to look like serious disco balls by the end of the day, but nope! The weightless formula absorbs into the skin nicely without leaving it tacky or oily. The cream also feels incredibly hydrating, creating a lovely base for makeup.

We have found that another downfall of moisturisers containing SPF is their scent. Most of the ones we’ve used in the past smell like sunscreen. While a whiff of it does bring back fond memories of our childhood and swim school, we’d prefer not to smell like a walking sunscreen advert. Fortunately, that’s not the case with this one. The subtle floral scent of this sun cream is quite pleasant, and makes us excited to slather it on our faces.

moisturising sunscreen003

Overall, we give the Ultra Moisturising Sun Cream an A Pair of Ones stamp of approval! It hydrates and offers our skin the protection it needs from harmful UV rays without compromising our makeup as the day goes on. We can see why according to BNT News it is a favourite of T Magazine and The New York Times.

We’re quite new to the world of K-beauty, so if you have any product recommendations for us, leave them below.

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