Almost every mascara we’ve tried recently has been a dud. With lashes straighter than an arrow, a formulation that will hold a curl is hard to come by. So when we saw the bold claims plastered on *Catalina Geo’s Lash Power Volumizing Mascara, we were intrigued.

“Immediate automatic volume” and “extreme one-touch volume-up and curling-up”. These words would have any mascara nut or beauty enthusiast hyperventilating. But when you’ve got stubborn, stubby lashes, they’re even more likely to get you excited. So with our expectations set high, we had our fingers crossed that this mascara would be The One.

Korean Mascara001

Unfortunately, we discovered quickly that this mascara just doesn’t work for us. Yes, it’s volumising and gives us fuller looking lashes, but hold a curl it does not. It’s quite a wet formula, so after wiggling the brush through our curled lashes, they drop almost immediately. We’ve never been fans of wet mascaras as they tend to weigh our lashes down which means they don’t do a good job of lifting them. If your’e not big on spidery lashes, then we’d also suggest you steer clear of this one. It can get a tad clumpy, so make sure to wipe off any excess product before zig zagging the brush through your lashes.

Korean Mascara001

Something worth mentioning is the mascaras exquisite packaging! There’s no doubt that Catalina Geo have got the memo that first impressions count. The sleek gold tube is embossed with a  filigree design, giving it an expensive feel. We almost feel guilty using it!

Do our lashes a favour and leave your mascara recommendations down below!!

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♥ M + K


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