It’s hard not to notice because we keep harping on about it, but we’re all about no-fuss makeup. Now this doesn’t mean we’re throwing our compacts and tubes or letting our brows run amok. We’ve simply been a little smarter with the products we use to avoid dents in our beauty sleep.

Not too long ago, we hit a dry spell with brow products, struggling to find arch defining products. However, recently we’ve hit gold, with Benefit’s newest brow range, and now Maybelline’s Pomade Crayon. You heard right, POMADE CRAYON. Now we did say we are all about fuss-free makeup, so there’s no surprise we’ve long gotten over the whole tub and brush baggage that came with the Anastasia Brow Pomade. We’re both as greedy as we are lazy and have been dreaming of a product that gives the pigment and hold of a pomade with far less effort, and Maybelline has answered our prayers. The Brow Drama Pomade Crayon  combines the best of an eyebrow pomade with the convenience of a pencil.

We can’t help but vainly marvel at our exquisite brows!! The secret of these crayons lies in the wax-based formula which makes the brow look fuller, but also holds and tames unruly hairs, meaning it takes us almost no time to fill in our brows

This brow-perfecting formula has quite a concentrated pay-off, so we tend to start with a light-hand and build the product up to avoid any Sharpie-esque brows! To avoid a blocked or stark finish, concentrate most of the colour around the arch and tail and diffuse the colour by blending with a spoolie brush.


What is your hero no-fuss makeup product?


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♥ M + K


    1. They’re new! They look a bit intimidating at first, but we highly recommend you pick one up when you spot them 🙂 They definitely make #eyebrowsonfleek quicker and easier to achieve for us mere mortals

      M + K


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