Big, bouncy hair without using a bajillion products sounds impossible, but on our quest for voluminous locks, we’ve stumbled on a one pot wonder that will free up your bathroom counter. 

Lush’s BigLiquid Shampoo* does exactly what it claims to. We’ve got dead straight hair, but giving our heads a good scrub with some of this stuff gives our manes the instant lift it needs. We’re talking Tracy Turnblad volume! Made with 50% salt, you’d think that it would do more damage than good, but the seaweed and lime work to condition the hair and add a little shine. The only con with this pot of goodness is exactly that, it comes in a pot! While it’s cute, pots can be quite inconvenient and unhygienic, especially for products used in the shower. Tip: To avoid getting water into the pot, keep a little spoon near by.

What are your holy grail hair products?

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♥ M + K


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