Along with the Japanese, Korean’s are revered for their innovative skincare. While we’ve heard and read nothing but praise for Korean skincare, until recently, our experience with them has been minimal. In the last few weeks we’ve been dabbling in the world of Korean skincare, trialing 2 products we’ve seen recommended by BNTNews, an online authority on all things K-beauty. Today we’ll be talking about Hwajin Cosmetic’s Yeblang Special A Star Essence.

First off, before we get stuck into our thoughts on the product, we want to take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous packaging. Like most Korean beauty products,this one had us oohing and ahhing the moment we unboxed it. No stone was left unturned in designing the bottle. We almost didn’t want to use it!

There are a few fundamental pillars when it comes to Korean skincare. One of the biggies is, use an essence. According to K-beauty philosophy, essences work to hydrate the skin, creating a stronger barrier and allowing the products that you follow up with to be absorbed more easily. They’re essentially a light-weight serum. Our first impression of *Hwajin Cosmetics Yeblang Special A Star Essence was to approach it with caution. Despite what you’d expect from something that is supposed to be light-weight, the essence is viscous which made getting some of the product into the pipette dropper tricky at first. We were wary about putting the jelly-like product near our faces, but once we got passed our initial hesitations we found it to be quite cooling and refreshing. The essence does leave a slight sticky/ tacky feeling when first applied, but for us, this quickly disappeared once our skin drank it up. The key ingredient in the Yeblang Special Star Essence is Astaxanthina, an antioxidant said to be more potent than Vitamin C. The pigment has strong protective properties, reducing inflammation and preventing free radical damage, making it a popular ingredient in anti-aging products. Having only used the essence for a few weeks, we can’t speak for it’s calls to improve the appearance of wrinkles, but we can say that our skin does feel a lot more hydrated. In any skincare regime whether you follow a Korean approach or not, hydration is the number goal. Whether you skin concern or goal is to reduce hyperpigmentation or increase tone, hydration is where it all starts. We have high hopes for this little rocket pocket. Hydration is the key in achieving your skincare goals whether they be to increase tone or reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Unfortunately we don’t think your’e able to purchase this online at the moment.

It’s still early days in our Korean skincare journey, but so far, it’s looking promising. As we continue to use the essence over the next few weeks, what are your K-beauty holy grails?


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