If you’ve been reading our blog for any length of time, you’ll know by now that we have sensitive skin. We go on about it a fair bit, but as they say, your skin is your canvas. Having healthy, hydrated skin forms the foundation for anything you put on top, so finding a skincare regime that complements your skin type and gives you that lit from within glow is an endless mission of ours. It’s only in the last few years that we’ve really accumulated a decent edit of products that we feel works with our sensitive skin. The skincare world can be hard to navigate with the constant flow of new products and conflicting ‘expert’ opinions, but we’ve found that sticking to the age old adage of “simple is best” is the key. Our skincare routine is pretty simple: cleanser, micellar water, toner, face moisturiser and eye cream. We’ll throw in some oils and serum every now and then too, but our skin seems to be responding well to this stripped back routine. So in the next few weeks, we thought we’d share some of our top skin care picks for sensitive skin. These are products that we use regularly and would recommend fellow sensitive skins or those looking for simple, no-fuss products.

First in this series is cleansers. Now cleansers are where a good skin care regime starts. For us, we avoid all the harsh stuff and stick to gentle products that won’t irritate or break out our skin.

RosehipPLUS Organic Daily Cream Cleanser*

This has been a staple in our skincare routine for about a year now. We absolutely love the feeling of cream cleansers. It’s gentle, but effectively breaks down most of the make up we’re wearing. This followed with a bit of micellar water is enough to get rid of all our makeup. With ingredients like Jojoba and Sea Buckthorn, it’s hydrating and won’t leave your skin feeling like it’s been sucked dry. This is a goodie for winter and days when your’e skin needs a little extra TLC.

Shiseido Perfect Whip Foam

We picked up this tube of amazingness on our recent trip to Japan. At the time we had used up the cleanser we brought with us, so we picked this one up on a whim, and boy are we glad we did! The Japanese are notorious for their award winning skincare, so we expected nothing short of amazing. Again as you’ll notice with all 3 products we’ve chosen, this foam cleanser is extremely gentle. A little bit of the dense form goes a long way. We’ve read some reviews online where people have said that the whip foam leaves their skin feeling drying, but for us, we haven’t had this problem. We liked this so much that we went out a bought a back up to hold us over until our next trip!

QV Gentle Foaming Cleanser*

Last but not least, this one is no surprise. We recently raved about this, so you can read the full post here. In short, the soap-free formula makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin. You wouldn’t expect it from such a light weight product, but it does a good job of removing most of our makeup and breaking down waterproof products. Now bare in mind, we don’t wear heavy foundations daily, so you might have to use this in combination with something else if you’re wearing a heavy duty base.

So that’s a rap on our top 3 cleanser picks for sensitive skin. Stay tuned for more installments to this series, but for now we want to know what your cleanser of the moment is. Don’t forget to include your skin type in your comment.


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    1. Yeah, we saw on Instagram that you’ve been using it!We wish it was available here. Oh well, gives us a good excuse to go back and stock up. We wish we were going back. It will be like a babymoon for you!

      M + K


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