Priming may sound like an unnecessary step that only means less sleep and more time in front of the mirror each morning. But boy, is that extra time worth it!

Applying a primer post-moisturiser and pre-makeup has made a mahoosive difference to the longevity and finish of our makeup, and the Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer* is no exception. The silky, light-weight texture makes applying foundations a dream.  As any makeup-base should, the Hydrablur also  allows us to squeeze out a few extra hours from our makeup.  Bear in mind that this primer is not as hydrating as others on the market. If you prefer a dewy finish, the Hydrablur may not be for you as the silicone-base mattifies the skin.


What primer is in your makeup bag?

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5 thoughts on “PRIMETIME

    1. Ohh… another thing we will need to try. We do tend to get dry around a nose when it gets runny during the colder months and this sounds like the solution we’ve been looking for!

      M + K


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