When your’e travelling, especially in colder climates, outfit repeating is inevitable.

Layers in Osaka

We’ve been to Japan twice now, and every time we look back at our photos, we realise that we wore the same outfit quite a few times. But let’s be honest, when your’e packing chunky winter warmers and cosy coats, you don’t have room for 10 different outfits. Plus, you need some leeway for all the duty free shopping you know you’ll be doing! Instead, we like to pack basic, versatile pieces and then throw on a fun accessory to change up our looks.

Even at home or in the warmer seasons, scarves are our go to accessory when we want to update or transform an outfit. You can wear the same thing for a week, but throw on a different scarf and no one will be the wiser. This outfit is one we wore when we visited Osaka Castle in December. If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed the same coat, boots, jeans AND sweater making an appearance in several #OOTDs. But to mask the fact that we probably wore the same sweater 5 days in a row, we threw on a graphic monochrome scarf, and voila! Scarves also take little luggage space, which means more room for any new, shiny purchases. The trick is to pack everything else first, then use your scarves as fillers in the nooks and crannies.

Layers in Osaka

Layers in Osaka

Layers in Osaka

Layers in Osaka

Layers in Osaka

Do you have any tips for travelling in style?

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15 thoughts on “LAYERS IN OSAKA

  1. Yaaasss! Keep the Japan posts coming!! I am already trying to decide what to pack and I don’t leave until December!! haha I have never really traveled anywhere when it was winter in the destination, so its kind of stressing me a little.. haha

    Mel x || Loads of Lifestyle


    1. How exciting! We’re potentially going back…AGAIN!! There is just so much to see there. We’ll have to sift through our photos and see if we have any more decent shots of our outfits. Out tip is to pack lots of layers and of course scarves! December isn’t as bad as February because that’s when winter just kicks in, but it depends where your’e going too. A coat is also a must, but make sure there is enough room for all those layers underneath! The clothing there is a lot more affordable then it is here in Australia, so don’t stress too much about packing the wrong things, because you can make a few cheeky purchases when you get there! Hope that helps

      M + K


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