With sensitive, dry skin, finding a cleanser that is gentle but still delivers everything we want in a cleanser is no simple task. Over the years we have accumulated a small handful of sensitive-skin friendly products that we keep on coming back to, and in recent weeks, we’ve made a new addition to our growing collection. Now foam cleansers have received a bad rap in beauty circles for stripping and drying out the skin. We haven’t tried other foam cleansers, but this is definitely not the case with QV’s Gentle Foaming Cleanser*. We have a history of dry skin, we’re talking Sahara Desert level dryness here, and this product is does not dry out our skin which is the last thing you want from a product your’e using at least twice a day. In fact, the soap-free formula makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin. Our mum who has a completely different skin type to us (oily) is also a fan of this cleanser. When she saw us writing this post, she actually came up to us and said “I really like that cleanser”!

This product has fast become a staple in our morning and night skincare routine. We put this down to a few things.  The first thing we’ve already discussed, it doesn’t irritate or dehydrate our skin. The cleanser also does what it’s supposed to do, cleanse! We were incredibly surprised with how much makeup this takes off. Initially we had our reservations. With a product that is so light, we thought, no way can bubbles, which is basically what a foam cleanser is, make a dent in the grime that has built up during the day. But our initial doubts were quickly washed away (see what we did there?!). Compared to other cleansers we’ve used, this one does a pretty good job of removing makeup and breaking up waterproof products.The 5 year old in us also has to mention how fun the product is to use! The foam makes the tedious task of removing makeup and cleansing more enjoyable.

What are your thoughts on foam cleansers?

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