When it comes to Turkish street food, nothing can surpass the Gözleme. Made from a range of delicious fillings (spinach and feta is our personal favourite!) sandwiched between a thin flat bread, the traditional Turkish dish is notorious among Sydney market goers. But away from the weekend markets, finding authentic Gözleme is not easy. But a recent addition to Sydney’s ever growing food scene may have bridged the gap.

If your’e a regular on the weekend market scene, you’ll recognise the name Gözleme King. Starting out with pop up stands at various markets, the 13 year family-run business have finally set up shop permanently in several locations in Sydney. After sampling 5 (yes 5!!) of their Gözlemes and a selection of their mouth-watering baklavas, it’s safe to say that we’ve found THE place to go for authentic Turkish street food.


Unlike many other places, each Gözleme is freshly made to order using Australian produce. And trust us, you can definitely taste the difference. From vegetarian options, to their Gourmet Lamb, their menu offers a range of flavours that will transport you to Turkey with a single bite. Even seeing the friendly staff strategically rolling and folding the dough, and cooking the Gözlemes on the griddle gives you a sense of the hustling markets of Turkey. If your’re more of a sweets over savoury person, then your’e in for a treat with the Nutella Dream. Ughh. The melted, sticky Nutella is heaven between 2 flatbreads! 

A Taste of Turkish Street Food



As we mentioned, we made a pretty good dent in their menu, trying out 5 of their 17 Gözlemes and we plan to slowly conquer the rest! Of the ones we did sample, our favourites were Gourmet Lamb, BBQ Chicken and of course the Nutella Dream. They look deceivingly identical from the outside, but they could not taste anymore different. The Triple Chocolate and Pistachio Baklavas were also highlights, and the perfect way to round off a whirlwind gustatory trip to Turkey.  

A Taste of Turkish Street Food

Peri Peri Chicken

A Taste of Turkish Street Food

Nutella Dream

A Taste of Turkish Street Food

A Taste of Turkish Street Food

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 ♥ M + K
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Gözleme King kindly invited us to try out some of their menu, however, we were not obliged to write this post. All the images and opinions expressed in the post are ours.




  1. The Nutella Dream really does sound like a dream! haven’t had a Gozleme in a while, but reading this post has reminded me how much I love them. I might have to get some now!

    I love this food post girls. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more?


  2. Awesome write up, I love Turkey and the beautiful Turkish food. This make me want to visit again but in meantime I’ll have to make it to a Gozleme King store.


    1. It definitely transports you to Turkey and their amazing street food! We actually haven’t been to Turkey before, but we can just imagine how aromatic it would be to walk through the markets

      M + K


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