The truth is, bronzer was once a product we could easily get by without. Something we would exclusively reserve for after dark shenanigans. However, we’ve quickly been converted to the sunny side.

Newbs. Amateurs. Call us what you will. But when it comes to bronzer, powders are all we knew. Now don’t get us wrong dearest Revlon Age Defying Powder. The past 2 years have been great. But we’ve realised there is a whole world of bronzers out there we haven’t dabbled in. Really, it’s not you, it’s us. And we must say, since broadening our makeup horizon and trying our first liquid bronzer, we’ve become changed women!

We’re talking about Benefit’s Dew The Hoola Liquid Bronzer. Based on the original Hoola powder bronzer, this faux glow is sunshine in a bottle. As we swap sandals for sweaters, this liquid-cream hybrid is the perfect antidote for the winter blues.

Dewy The Hoola

Unlike the umpteen liquid bronzers we’ve swatched in stores, this gem will keep you on the right side of Oompa-loompa. The sheer formula is delightfully light and a dream to apply. Formulated in a universal shade, Dew The Hoola complements most skin tones, seamlessly melting into the skin fora cold-weather defying natural glow. Although free from specks of glitter and advertised as a matte bronzer, the liquid formula blends into the skin leaving a subtle, dewy sheen, negating the need for a highlighter!

We’ve also found that this glow-giver blends well when massaged in with fingertips to add a wash of warmth to the cheeks, but that it works just as well when built up with a buffing brush.

If you caught our post on the One Palette Wonder and How to Save Money on Makeup, you’ll notice a trend. We LOVE versatile products, and that’s another reason we’re so smitten with Dew The Hoola. It fits the brief of a multi-purpose product to the tee. Whether you’re looking to define your features or an all over J-Lo glow, the liquid bronzer can be used to sculpt the cheekbones and temples as you would with any other bronzer, or as a foundation deepener. To use as a foundation deepener, simply add a drop or two to your foundation/other makeup base, mix, apply and Hoola-la!


What form of bronzer do you prefer and are there any you think we should be trying out?


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