Calling all sleeping beauties, here’s one to bookmark for those lazy mornings.

 Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Kits Review

We’re sure we’re not the first nor will we be the last to admit that when that dreaded morning alarm rings, the only beauty we’re interested in is of the sleeping variety.

 Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Kits Review

The Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Kits* are palettes that just seem to keep on giving! The face and eye hybrid is the newest addition to Rimmel’s range, and has transformed and sped up our get-ready game. This one-palette wonder conquers 5 makeup deeds, taking care of all our eye and face needs, but most importantly, it means we can get a few extra minutes of shut-eye every morning!

There are 3 palettes in the collection; all complete with a highlight, bronzer and blush.  Although subtle in pigmentation, the trio of products are all uber soft, blendable and buildable. The Scuplting and Highlighting Kit in Coral Glow couldn’t have been a better match for our skin! We’ve have all but exclusively used this palette for our face and eyes for the last week, and we can’t see our love for this palette waning anytime soon.

 Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Kits Review

 Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Kits Review

A good highlight is definitely the key to a bright-eyed look. Like Goldilocks in that cottage, most of what we’ve tried has been too shimmery or too yellow, but the highlight in this pretty palette is just right! Not only has it been a daily feature across our cheekbones, but we’ve also been dusting it all over our lids and in the inner corners to give our sleepy eyes a pop.

As far as contours go, we tend to lean more towards matte products. However, the subtle sheen in this bronzer lends itself perfectly to the natural glow we’re always chasing. Let’s be real. Smoky and intricate eye looks take mOre time and effort than we care to commit at 6.30 am. Instead, we’ve been deepening the creases of our eyelids with the same bronzer for more definition.

The final product in the palette is a gorgeous flamingo blush which pinches some colour into what may otherwise be a plain look.

 Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Kits Review

Are there any products that make your morning routine quick and easy?

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 ♥ M + K

12 thoughts on “THE ONE PALETTE WONDER

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    1. Yay!! Our favourite part of the palette has to be the highlighter and blush. We’ve been using the to almost every day 🙂 We like the bronzer on our eyes in the crease as a blending shade

      M + K


  2. Stunning product! Hope the darker shade comes out in AUS soon. I love the L’Oreal Brow Artise Plumper. Super easy and quick!


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