Who said romance is dead?

The Duchess of Cambridge, Olivia Palermo and Lauren Conrad are the darlings of modern day feminine dressing. Their unapologetically girly, yet sleek style are proof that feminine does not have to mean frumpy, old-fashioned or outdated.  Feminine style is the ultimate crowd pleaser, flattering and appropriate for every occasion. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic set on finding your own Mr Darcy or prefer a sensual, 50’s inspired outfit, a la Mad Men, there is something to speak to your aesthetic. Cinched waistlines, Peter Pan collars, sweeping hemlines and dainty fabrics of bygone eras are what Autumn/Winter 2016 is all about.

Termed by the most stylish as Princess Chic or Prairie dressing, “lady-like” dressing is a win-win trend.  Whether you’re a traditionalist or prefer to keep your look updated with your own edgy panache, modern day feminine dressing means we can keep our summer threads in rotation, and what we’re most chuffed about, continue to indulge in our infatuation with florals and pastels!

Awash with femininity, this outfit epitomises what we think feminine dressing is all about. It’s comfortable with light-as-air fabrics, functional with modest hemlines, but most importantly, it exudes elegance.

review skirt008

review skirt007


You can forget about seasonal colour trends. The innocence of pastels is no longer just for the summer months.  With shorter days and chilly nights, sugary pastels and milky hues are the perfect antidote to the traditionally pallid Autumn/Winter ‘drobes.  Fairy floss pinks, mellow yellows, baby blues and lush lavenders, delicate pastel hues are guaranteed to sweeten up your cool weather closet. For those only just dipping their toes into this more girly aesthetic, drenching yourself head-to-toe in a single pastel shade can be a little much. Incorporating separates and mixed pastel prints like this Review Pastel Daze* Skirt can still add a fresh, feminine feel to your ensemble without making you look like a scoop of sorbet.

review skirt005

If ultra-feminine is not your thing, adding whimsical details like ruffles and florals and other refined subtleties are a fun way to adapt this romantic style into your existing sartorial repertoire. Ethereal silhouettes in the form of dainty cap-sleeved blouse, knee-length skirts and delicate fabrics (think silk, chiffon and lace) can add a timeless sophistication to even the most basic of your wardrobe staples. The quietly classic Chapel Blouse* is the perfect complement to our floral-strewn skirt, but it would also add a flattering feminine flair to a pair of black cigarette pants.
review skirt004


Feminine dressing can be a balancing act. There is definitely a fine line between refined elegance and matron. Keep your feet firmly in the 21st Century by incorporating playful accents and other current trends into your outfit. Counter an intensely saccharine ensemble with faux croc-textured heels or a simple clutch with gold embellishments like we have.

Before you start breaking open your piggy banks, we assure you that is not necessary to purchase an entirely new wardrobe. Pairing sheer summer pieces like this baby cap-sleeved blouse with knee length skirts or thick stockings are the perfect way to keep your summer pieces seasonally appropriate. One of the most alluring ways to keep things weather appropriate is with layering. Invest in well-crafted and classic outwear with sleek waistcoats, and plush coats, or swap a blouse for a knitted top, tucked into a diaphanous skirt.

review skirt006

Even with the weather cooling down, you can bet we’ll be keeping the romance alive, floating around in our pastels and florals!

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