We’re excited to finally announce that we are Sizeable ambassadors!

Online shopping is possibly one of the most life changing inventions of this century, with that droolworthy tote or killer pumps just a mouse click away. But for many women, perusing online stores can be just as stressful as it is rewarding. Being vertically challenged and petite built, guesstimating whether something will fit us can be a real struggle. Just like 99% of the population, we can safely say that we don’t have the body of a standard fit model. That’s where Sizeable comes in. Founded by the ultimate #Girlboss, Larissa, Sizeable embraces the fact that women come in all shapes and sizes. The website’s models are divided into Curvy, Petite, All booty, Tall and Busty, and their measurements along with the measurements of every size allows you to compare the two. This way you can be both confident that the piece will flatter your body shape, and that the size you cart will be right for you. In other words, no more guilty, ill-fitting, impulse purchases.

We are extremely excited to be ambassadors for a brand that champions women and diversity! To kick things off, we wanted to show off our Ruby Sees All Beneath the Sky Dress* which is available from Sizeable. According to the measurements on the website, we fall into the petite category. The bright botanical print is right up our alley. Along with the triangle cut out, it makes for a fun and flirty piece.


Use the code ‘ILOVESIZEABLE’ when you checkout to receive 20% off your order!

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 ♥ M + K


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