It’s no secret that we are sun worshipers. You only have to look as far as our recent post- Beach Day Essentials .While some can’t bear the heat and would rather be bundled up in layers, we fall right on the opposite end of the spectrum. Layers are our nemesis. Nope, we’d gladly take a 40 degree Celsius day over Pumpkin Spice Latte-sipping weather any day of the week. But while we live for the warm months, we know that good things can’t last forever.


Now a week into Autumn, we’re trying to savour every last bit of the warm weather. The tropical fruits, the long days and of course Summer fashion. Sun dresses, shorts and skirts have been on the menu every day. Don’t get us wrong, we basically live in our jeans for half the year, but our Summer wardrobe has always held a special place in our hearts. In our opinion, dressing from October to March is much more exciting. There are so many more silhouettes, cuts and fun prints to play with. A perfect example of both these things is this top we recently snagged. The soft peplum offers a little shape while the floral polka dot design has us singing “sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, everything that’s wonderful …”.




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