Sometimes you see a piece that looks amazing on the hanger or smokin’ on the store mannequin, but on, it’s a complete and utter no no. Then you have those rare moments when you have no doubt in your mind that that dress or that skirt was practically made for you. Spotting this denim top on the rack was one of these moments.


The stiffer denim lends itself to the top’s boxy silhouette. Our infatuation with denim aside, it was the structure of this piece that immediately drew us in. Paired with slim lined bottoms à la the ever faithful cigarette pants, boxy tops make for a chic outfit that screams fashion editor. Many people shy away from structured tops because they appear unshapely or masculine, but the cropped hem and deeper v-neck of this particular top balances out the boxiness and brings a flirty touch.


If you want to see how we style this top, let us know in the comments below!

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 ♥ M + K

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