Despite how much we enjoy the process of putting together an outfit, sometimes we just can’t be bothered. We know it’s a bit sacrilegious, but we’ve all had those days when we’d love nothing more than to blindly throw on the first thing we get our hands on. These days occur quite regularly, and when they do, we tend to go for no fuss pieces that require minimal styling.


Our typical lazy outfit looks a little something like this… relaxed, breathable bottoms, preferably printed to create the illusion that some thought went into outfit, a breezy top and to top it off, a pair of heels or wedged sandals. The extra height never fails to bring a bit of class to everything. A wedged sandal like the one sported by yours truly can take you from lazy lounger to effortless chic in a blink. 


What does your lazy day outfit look like?

♥ M + K

5 thoughts on “A LAZY GIRL’S OUTFIT

    1. Simple and relaxed are what we go for when we’re feeling lazy! Fun and bold prints are a great way to fake that you’ve actually put effort into styling your outfit when you really haven’t!

      M + K


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