Today’s Nail of the Day is a bit of a special one. In honour of it being Australia Day, we decided to show off our patriotism in style.

L-R: Cotton Tail / Cobalt Strike / Pineapple Express / Red Delicious / Pistachio Party
Instead of emblazoning the Union Jack on our nails, we went for something a little more subtle, incorporating colours from the flag, and of course green and gold into a geometric scale design. We used our Colour Theory polishes which is only appropriate, with each bottle made right here in Australia!  

Happy Australia Day!

♥ M + K

13 thoughts on “NAIL OF THE DAY

    1. We know the feeling! We definitely wanted to stop at one hand, but once you start, there’s no going back! Hehe you can always do a few nails and have a break, then come back and finish the rest. That’s what we like to do when we’re painting more complex designs

      M + K


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