If there is one product we can’t live without, its concealer. Whoever dreamt up the genius idea of concealers is worthy of a Nobel prize! For days when we’re running low zees or when our hay fever has gotten the best of us, we can rely on our battery of concealers to blur and brighten. Recently, we’ve made an exciting edition to our battery with Kryolan’s Concealer Wheel.

This concealer wheel is definitely more heavy duty then something like the Innoxa Cover & Correct palette which we recently reviewed. While not as creamy as the Innoxa palette, they are still incredibly easy to work with. The concealers are on the denser side, so the wheel is ideal for those looking for higher coverage. We find that pressing the product into the skin is the best way to apply it. Given this, we would not use the palette on a day to day basis, but would reserve it for special occasions where high coverage and a flawless finish is a must.
♥ M + K


  1. Definitely agree, Natashia! We probably wouldn't use the cocealer on a daily basis, but it is our go to when we are looking for extra coverage. We have't tried many other products from Kryolan's range though, so we must check out the foundation 🙂

    Thank you for dropping by xx

    M + K


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