For all the fellow wonky eyebrowed gals out there, this one is for you.

Genetically unblessed with asymmetrical eyebrows, our brows are definitely not twins, and at best, they’re more like Cinderella and her ugly step sisters. We hate to play favourites but there’s always one eyebrow that outshines the other. However, after experimenting with countless techniques and products we think we have finally got our daily eyebrow routine down pat.

1. Lightly outline your brow shape
Because face shapes vary, so will ideal eyebrow shapes. What we’ve learnt is to stick to your natural shape. Instead of giving ourselves a new set of brows, we like to use our brow routine to smooth out the edges and enhance our natural arch.
2. Fill in sparse spots with light strokes in the direction of hair growth
Work up and out. Remember that the front and tail of the brow is naturally more sparse, so start filling them in at the center, where they’re densest. Blend out the product with a spoolie brush as you go.
3. Set with an eyebrow gel
A brow gel will shape and tame unruly hairs, add colour and texture, and hold your brows in place. Starting at the front of your brows work, brush towards the arch of your brow. Once you reach the arch, brush downwards until you finish at the tail.
♥ M + K


  1. We wish we ddn't need to fill ours in, but once we started, we realised how sparse ours are! On really lazy days when we're just popping out to the shops we'll skip it, but most of the time we never leave the house without filling in our brows

    M x K


  2. Loved the step by step! Your brows looked amazing 🙂 I used to be so diligent and fill mine in everyday but I've become way too lazy and now just use a tinted eyebrow gel. It's only on those nights out that I will fill them in. Your finished brows make me want to revert back to my old ways! x

    Jess | It's That Time For…


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