People are always surprised to find out that our hair has never been touched by even the smallest amount of dye! There’s something about the commitment of colouring our hair that has kept us from taking the plunge. Just when we thought we’d be confined to a life of vicariously living through other people’s courage,we discovered the world of hair chalk.

Vixen Vibrant Hair Graffiti* is the first hair chalk experience we’ve had. It’s the commitment free way to change up your hair which we are all for! The first strand had our hearts palpating, but we quickly got past the initial shock after the first strand . The chalk is easy to use, either wet the chalk or moisten your hair and then run the splice down the strands of your hair. The thing that we loved about this chalk was that you can build about the intensity or vibrance. So you can either go the light, subtle wash route or build it up with a more bold and intense colour
One thing we want to point out is that it can make your hair a bit crispy and dry if you run the chalk up and down too many times, so remember to wet your chalk/ hair from the get go so you don’t have to keep going back over your strands. 

 Have you dabbled in hair chalk?

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 ♥ M + K

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