Some people take the leap of chopping their locks thinking that it is a low maintenance and no fuss style. At least that is what we thought when Katherine finally made the decision a few years back. But after 2 years, we’ve learnt that having short hair is not the walk in the park it is made out to be. So here are our tips for short hair hopefuls.

Trim regularly. People look at pictures of A-listers with their blunt cuts and bobs, and think that it’s all achieved with one appointment in the hairdresser’s chair, but it’s not that simple. To maintain the length, layers and shape, you need regular trims. Depending on how fast your hair grows, we tend to stick to the 8 weeks mark.

Add texture. The appeal of the blunt cut is how effortless it looks. But don’t be fooled! Only a lucky handful of people can say “I woke up like this”, but often some sort of styling product is needed to achieve the messy hair, don’t care look. Texturising spray or glue is a staple. Scrunch up your hair when applying textursing products to create that tousled look.

Creating waves. Typing short hair in any search engine and pressing enter will turn up with predominantly curled styles. A big reason for this is that along with texture, waves are a key ingredient in achieving the perfect lived in bob. Alternating the direction of each curl will give you an undone look that screams beach babe. 

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