There is no doubt that like the rest of the world, we have fallen head over heels for Gigi. Not only is she showing the boys how it’s done, but she also knows a thing or two about putting together a killer outfit. So naturally when thinking about festival fashion, we asked ourselves, “What would Gigi do?”.

Festival fashion has become a style in itself with tassels, suede and a sprinkle of 70s key to nailing the look. Boho chic is a winner when done right, but far too often, festival goers overdo it with a few too many bell sleeves and statement jewellery. Even A-listers aren’t immune to the OTT curse. As Gigi has demonstrated with her festival ensembles in the past, simplicity is the key. 

Of her previous Coachella outfits, this striped shirt dress number is a firm favourite. It’s so effortless, just what boho dressing is all about. No chunky ‘look at me’ pieces that are better suited for your little sister’s dress up chest. Paired with suede ankle boots, this outfit will be perfect in and away from the mosh pits.

 Who is your celebrity inspiration for festival dressing?

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