Chip-free, glossy nails? Where do we sign up?!

As any nail polish devotee will attest to, there’s nothing worse than chipping nail polish, so you can imagine that the idea of a 14 day manicure got us all kinds of excited! Thankfully, no-light gel systems are slowly making their way into more makeup ranges. Cursed with chip-prone nails, we didn’t think twice about hopping onto this bandwagon, beginning with the Sally Hansen Gel Manicure kits. When a new trend pops up in the nail world, we can always count on Sally Hansen to be on top of it.



We like to call this 2-in-1 DIY gel kit Gel Mani 2.0. The part-lacquer part-gel formula promises up to 14 of days colour and shine, all without a UV lamp in sight. Instead, the Gel Manicure Top Coat cures and hardens the polish for salon results.

We applied the nail polish per the instructions- no base coat, 2 coats of the Gel Color, 1 coat of the Gel Top Coat. One thing we always look for in our nail polishes is a good brush, one with soft bristles and a broad tip. Kudos to Sally Hansen, because the Miracle Gel brush is a real cuticle-cuddler.  The thicker, gel formula glides on like a dream, and the 2 coats gave the perfect opaque coverage. Once the Top coat had dried we were left with glossy-perfection. Other upsides ?  It is easily removed with a regular nail polish remover and the range includes 57 other shades ( sadly only 28 in Australia).
Downside? It didn’t make the 14 day mark.  It’s not necessary, but to get the most mileage out of your polish, we would still recommend a base and top coat, just for good measure. The Gel Manicure stayed put and perfect for a good week on our chip-prone nails, which is longer than we have managed with other nail polishes, but can you imagine a fortnight manicure?…*sigh,  a girl can dream can’t she?!

Have you tried out the Miracle Gel?

♥ M x K

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