Sadly, far from the title of this post, we are not on some Mediterranean island, sipping on exotically named drinks and spending our lazy afternoons splayed in the sun.


So if you clicked on this post expecting to see some shots of Santorini and our ventures around the seaside town, you will be sorely disappointed. Nope, this post is just us vicariously living through an an imagined Greece inspired outfit that we mustered up.


When we think of Greece, we picture the blue and white architecture juxtaposed against the equally vibrant sea. With this in mind, we wanted to incorporate this into our outfit. If we magically woke up in Santorini tomorrow, this is exactly what we would slip into. Light and flowy, it’s the ideal get up for strolling through the cobbled streets and eating your body weight in seafood all without breaking a sweat.
What are your holiday style picks?

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