Looking at our lipstick collection, you can tell we love a bright lip, but besides the standard pinks and reds, we aren’t big risk takers. But that all changed a few weeks ago….
Looking at the pictures, your’e all probably asking yourselves what the big deal is. Well, the photos definitely don’t do it justice. This is Innoxa’s Summer Matte Lipstick in Fuschia. Let us tell you, contrary to the name, this is a pretty bright purple in person, so you can imagine what we were thinking when we convinced ourselves to take the leap. Initially after applying it, we did not like it at all! We felt like barbie dolls who had just undergone a makeover courtesy of a terrifying pre-schooler. But after having it on for a while, it did start to grow on us. The thing that makes this lipstick work is that it is on the pinker end of the spectrum which makes it a lot more wearable!

As for the lipstick itself, this is the first lip product we have tried from Innoxa. For a matte lipstick, the formula is incredibly creamy and not drying, something that usually turns us off matte anything. As you can see, the colour payoff is incredible and true to tube. While the lipstick is creamy, the matte finish means it doesn’t slide around which is what you want when wearing something so bright.


What do you think? Should we add more to our purple lipstick collection?

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 ♥ M + K

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