Planning a wedding can be taxing, especially on your savings account. There are the flowers, the centrepieces, the catering, the venue and the all important dress. So when it comes to planning your special day, being frugal means you’ll have more to spend on the important things. One way of doing this is ditch the personal hair stylist and DIY on the big day. It sounds daunting, but we’ve a got an incredibly simple hairstyle that you can whip up in a matter of seconds. 

We love this up-do because it’s quick and easy, and it’s one you can wear when your’e not walking down the aisle too! All you need are a few bobbies pins, a hair band, comb, a curling/ flat iron and hair spray.
Step 1  Part you hair as desired.
Step 2  Tease the hair at the crown and spray the roots that you’ve backcombed.
Step 3  Grab a front section of your hair (you can use a larger section if you’ve got                                thicker hair) and plait. Play around with different variations of your favourite  plaits               and braids.
Step 4  Pull back the rest of your hair in a low bun and secure.
Step 5  Wrap the plaited stranded around the bun to hide your hair band/ bobby pins.
Step 6  Pull out a few strands to frame your face.
Step 7  Take your hot tool of choice and wave the front sections away from your face.
Step 8  Spray on a medium-strong hold hair spray to keep your hairstyle dance proof.

If you try out this look, upload a pic and tag us @apairofones. We’d love to see!

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 ♥ M + K


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